Transforming the Ordinary into Extraordinary



Owner & President

A 15-year US Army combat veteran, Joel served as a military policeman and a communication specialist. His transition into the professional business world has seen 18 years of executive level management experience, five years with metric driven sales and six years in retail management.

Joel’s responsibilities have covered everything from increasing sales, profitability, and decreasing expenses, creating weekly, monthly, and seasonal financial plans, analyzing economic conditions, business trends, and potential market shifts and working with government agencies and political leaders to provide analysis and campaign services.

A solid reputation for upholding high ethical standards and realizing corporate goals and objectives; it is time to put together a great team to deliver results for others



Account Manager

A Florida native, Tanner Ross is from the small town of Leesburg. His professional career began in political consulting after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from Florida State University.

As an account manager, it was his responsibility to maintain daily contact with clients, write exciting and publishable press releases, and interact with media and politicians. Organizing multiple campaigns and their strategic operations, social media and finances. These critical functions are exactly why Hawksley Media Group is proud to have Tanner in the organization. As an Associate member, he is a vital asset and manages the entire operation.

When he isn’t working to ensure our clients’ success, he can be found at a basketball court or spending time with friends and loved ones.